Postdoctoral Fellows

Four postdoc postions are currently available.

In 2017, a focus of our recruitment will be on mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, and molecular biology.

But we are not limited to these areas by any means. We invite researchers from all fields of biology and beyond (molecular cell biology/ genetics/ biochemistry/ structural biology/ proteomics/ bioinformatics/ medicine/ neurobiology/ developmental biology/ imaging technology).

Official language of the lab is English. We very much welcome colleagues from overseas!

Graduate Students

We offer 1-3 graduate student positions each academic year. The students are fully supported with school tuition and stipend. We encourage undergraduate students to apply for internship in the lab at least six months prior to the formal application for graduate program.


For inquiries and applications, please contact Narry Kim (narrykim at snu dot ac dot kr).