IBS Center for RNA Research is undertaking research to discover noncoding RNAs and unveil their functions and mechanisms of action. Although thousands of ncRNAs exist, only a small fraction is known for the function. Among them, microRNAs (miRNAs) are relatively well understood, but their regulation mechanism, function and evolution remains largely undisclosed. The Center is conducting a wide range of research on microRNA in stem cells and cancer cells. In addition, the Center has launched projects to systematically identify new ncRNAs and the proteins binding to them and to understand their function in cell fate decision. We take highly interdisciplinary approaches by combining biochemistry, molecular cell biology, nanotechnology, genetics, bioinformatics, and proteomics. The Center is currently led by Professor Narry Kim, and located at Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea.

Postdoctoral Fellows

We invite postdoctoral fellows from all areas of biology and beyond (molecular biology/cell biology/genetics/biochemistry/structural biology/proteomics/bioinformatics/medicine/neurobiology/developmental biology).

Graduate Students

We offer several graduate student positions each academic year. The students are fully supported with school fee and stipend. We encourage undergraduate students to apply for internship in the lab at least six months prior to the formal application for graduate program.


Applicant can email his/her CV, two representative papers, and a letter of self-introduction at narrykim@snu.ac.kr